My work involves creating layers of drawing within one image with a range of media that gradually build up into an abstract image that aims to indicate a landscape.

Evocative travel literature, symbolic medieval art and my own experiences of the outdoors are amongst my influences to create work that encourages contemplation personal to each viewer.

My time is currently divided between my studio practice as a painter of abstracted landscapes and freelance work as a contributing decorative artist on a range of projects created in London for locations around the world. I am based in London and Glasgow.

As a decorative artist I am able to work with a wide range of materials and techniques including

  • Water and oil gilding,
  • A range of polish and casting plasters
  • A range of traditional polishes and varnishes
  • Grounds, mediums, pigments and powders
  • Various surfaces including canvas, wood, plaster, glass; working in situ or in a studio

Working as both a fine and decorative artist has allowed me to amass an in depth knowledge of materials in order to manipulate them and create highly specific and unique works, whether to a specific design brief or to satisfy my own aims as an artist.

For any enquires, please contact me at info@phyllisclairsmith.co.uk

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